Enabling version control and setting default options

You can enable or disable version control for a document base.

If you enable version control, you can also define the default options, i.e., the default behavior whenever a document is added to (or replaced in) the document base. You can override these defaults for specific documents when you add them.

You can do all this programmatically, but we suggest that you use TEXTML Console instead.

To enable version control and set the default options for a document base, perform the following steps in TEXTML Console:

  1. In the TEXTML Administration tab, right-click the document base.
  2. Click Configure Properties...
    The Configure properties dialog box will open.
  3. Click the Version Control tab.
  4. Enable version control and configure its properties.

    For details, see the TEXTML Server Administration Guide.

    For a listing of the properties of a document, including the properties that comprise the default options, see Retrieving a specified version of a document