Document conventions

The TEXTML Server documentation uses a set of conventions.

Table 1. Document conventions
Convention Example
TEXTML Server version numbers

The variable [version] is used to represent any TEXTML Server version number, unless the step, procedure, or description is specific to a particular TEXTML Server version.

Locate the configuration file for the TEXTML Server instance whose port number you want to modify:

%ProgramData%\Ixiasoft\ TextmlServer[version]\TextmlServerCfg.xml
Naming conventions
  • For conciseness, this guide uses the term docbase instead of document base (used in the TEXTML Server windows and messages).
  • The term TEXTML Server is used to designate the TEXTML Server application, which may also be referred to as simply TEXTML in the application's windows, menus, and messages.
  • The term TextmlServer Console Java is used to designate the application that provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for managing TEXTML Server docbases.