Reinstalling a docbase

The procedure for installing a docbase from a backup depends on how you want it installed and the number hosted on TEXTML Server.

If TEXTML Server contains only one docbase, then performing the restore is a simply a matter of shutting down TEXTML Server, replacing the docbase files, and then restarting TEXTML Server and its components. If TEXTML Server hosts more than one docbase, then shutting it down may not be an acceptable option since it will disrupt all the users rather than just those affected by the docbase being replaced. In this case, you need to follow the procedure for restoring it while leaving TEXTML Server running.

If you want to install a docbase from your backup instead of installing an empty docbase such as when you are building a new test environment, you should follow the procedure for installing an existing docbase as a new instance.

If you need to retrieve an object from the backup to replace a compromised one in your docbase, IXIASOFT recommends that you contact customer support.