Replace an installed docbase with a backup copy

If you can stop TEXTML Server, you can replace the docbase files with copies from your backup without needing to uninstall the existing docbase.

Remember: TEXTML Server must be granted permissions to the high-level directory (for example, the docbases directory) and its subdirectories.

To replace the docbase:

  1. Stop TEXTML Server.
    Note: This step can take a few minutes for very large docbases.
  2. Delete all the files related to the docbase being replaced.
    For example, if the existing docbase was in C:\docbases\TEXTML4.4\Prod (Windows) or /docbases/TEXTML4.4/Prod (Linux), then you would delete all the files in the Prod folder.
  3. Copy all the docbase files (data files and log facility) from the backup and paste them into the docbase folder.
    Note: Use copy and paste instead of drag and drop to move the files to ensure data integrity.
    Important: If the backup was generated as a snapshot, ensure the files are writable.
  4. Restart TEXTML Server.
  5. Open the TEXTML Administration perspective by clicking the TEXTML Administration shortcut on the tool bar. If the shortcut is not displayed, follow these steps:
    1. Select Window > Open Perspective > Other
    2. Click TEXTML Administration.
    3. Click OK.
  6. In the TEXTML Administration view, double-click the server. If your server is not displayed in the view, you must add it to the view.
  7. When the Connect as dialog opens, type your username and password and click OK.
  8. Right-click the docbase.
  9. Click Unlock all documents.