Start the TEXTML Server service

This procedure describes how to start the TEXTML Server service.

The name of the TEXTML Server service is as follows:
For example, if the instance name is ts01, the service name is:
Note: You must run this procedure as user root.
To start the TEXTML Server service:
On the Linux machine, run the service command, using the following syntax:
service textml.ServerInstanceName start
For example:
service textml.ts01 start
The system confirms that the service has started:
Starting textml.ts01                 [  OK  ]
Note: If you get a [FAILED] result when you attempt to start the server, the server may have already been started. If that is not the case, the port number may be the same as another TEXTML Server instance. To correct this problem, change the TEXTML port number in the server configuration.