Data contained in user documents

A TEXTML user document can contain various kinds of data. Some kinds are always present. Others are optional.

Data Description Optional

Data encoded in either:

  • Valid XML. Only XML content can be indexed by TEXTML Server.
  • Any other text or binary format. Binary data in no particular format is also accepted. Cannot be indexed: instead, use indexed content.
Properties Examples: the document’s name, date created, date modified, size in bytes, and so on. Properties are automatically set by TEXTML Server when a document is added or modified. N/A
Name A document’s name is its unique identifier. It is stored as a property of the document. No
Custom properties Application-specific metadata about the document, e.g., workflow status, approval dates, and so on. Must be coded in XML. Yes
Indexed content Application-specific data which must be coded in XML. If present, a document’s indexed content will be indexed in place of the document’s content. Yes
Previous versions

If the document base permits versioning of its documents:

  • The document’s content is considered the current version.
  • The document contains zero or more previous versions of the content.