Index creation and modification

Index creation and modification are done through the Index Definition document (indexdefinition.xml) of a document base.

As the index definition is nothing more that an XML document, creating indexes is as simple as setting the proper values for the defined DTD elements. The most important elements for defining indexes represent:

  • Reference lists, which list words or character strings that must or must not be indexed.
  • Indexes, which define criteria that can be used for searches.
  • Units, which are sub-divisions within XML documents that "join" XML elements and can be used to narrow down searches.

This section explains how to access the Index Definition document, define reference lists, indexes and units, and check the Index Definition document back in the document base.

For conceptual information about the Index Definition document, indexes and reference lists, refer to the TEXTML Server Administration Guide.

For a real life index definition example, retrieve the Index Definition document provided in the SDK directory under the TEXTML Server program directory.