Indexing and deindexing documents

Overview of how you can manage when newly added documents are indexed, and when deleted documents are deindexed (removed from the docbase's indexes).

Indexing is the process of adding entries for one or more documents to one or more indexes for a docbase. When new documents are added to a docbase, you want to make sure that the documents are indexed.

When documents are deleted from a docbase, you want to make sure that any entries pointing to those documents are removed from the docbase's indexes. This process is called deindexing.

Indexing and deindexing are examples of updates to the indexes.

You can use TEXTML Console to:
  • Set the updating properties of a docbase so that indexing, deindexing, or both are automatically started after certain conditions are met, e.g., after 100 documents have been added.
  • Manually start either or both updates.
For information about using TEXTML Console, see the TEXTML Server Administration Guide.

You can also manage indexing and deindexing programmatically (i.e., as part of your application).