Updating the Index Definition document

To create, modify, and delete indexes, you must edit the Index Definition document, which holds the definition of all indexes. You do so by checking out the document from the document base, updating it, and then checking it back in to the document base.

Checking out the Index Definition document prevents other users from modifying it while you are updating it.

You can check out the Index Definition document programmatically, but it is easier to use TEXTML Console. For more information about TEXTML Console, see the TEXTML Server Administration Guide.

To check out the Index Definition document using TEXTML Console:

  1. Start TEXTML Server. Connect to the server and the document base.
  2. Expand the subtree for the document base so that you can see the Index Definition branch.
  3. Right-click Index Definition. Then, if the Lock command is not disabled, click Lock.

    By locking (or checking out) the document, you are preventing any other person or process from making changes to the document until you check it back in.

  4. Double-click Index Definition.

    The document will open as indexdefinition.xml in the TEXTML Console editor. Here we are editing the Index Definition document for SampleNewsDocbase:

    Index Definition document

  5. Use the editor to update the Index Definition document.
    For guidelines and information on the syntax, see the other topics in this section.
  6. Check in the updated file by right-clicking Index Definition, and clicking Check in.
The updated Index Definition document will determine, in part, how the docbase will be indexed. You can use TEXTML Console to configure indexing-related properties, to control automatic indexing, to manually update indexes, and so forth. For details, see the TEXTML Server Administration Guide.