A programmer planning to use TEXTML SDK to integrate TEXTML Server into proprietary applications should be familiar with:

  • The programming language and environment to be used. This is normally .NET (C#) or Java.
  • XML concepts and an API for parsing and manipulating XML code. Most projects use an API compliant with the Document Object Model (DOM).
  • Encoding concepts, including bigendian vs littleendian, ASCII, ANSI, Unicode, UTF-8, and UTF-16. This will help you avoid (or at least recognize) errors when converting files containing XML to and from TEXTML Server documents containing XML.

To prepare yourself and your development environment:

  • Install all components of TEXTML Server, usually on your development workstation.
  • Start a test instance of TEXTML Server. Make sure the instance is running by starting TEXTML Console and attempting to connect to that instance.
  • Install at least one test document base (docbase) on your test instance of TEXTML Server. We suggest that you start with SampleNewsDocbase, which you can install by following instructions in this document.
  • Get familiar with TEXTML Server concepts by using TEXTML Console to explore SampleNewsDocbase, and by reading the TEXTML Server Administration Guide.
    Note: All documentation for TEXTML Server is available in the program files directory where you installed TEXTML Server, usually [...]\IxiaSoft\TextmlServer[version]\.