Retrieving all DTDs and other system documents

A query that retrieves all the system documents in your docbase.

All docbases contain, in addition to the "ordinary" documents, several system documents. Most system documents are DTDs for queries, ResultSpaces, docbase properties, etc. Others are necessary to the operation of TEXTML Server.

System documents can be identified by their DocType (document type): TEXTML_SYSTEM_DOCUMENT, as shown below. DocType is a property of all documents stored in a docbase.

Sample query

To retrieve all the system documents in any docbase, run AllSystemDocuments.xml against the docbase:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
<!-- AllSystemDocuments.xml -->
<query VERSION="4.4" RESULTSPACE="AllSystemDocuments">
    <property NAME="DocType">


All sample queries are located in your Program Files directory for TEXTML Server: [...]\IxiaSoft\TextmlServer[version]\SDK\Queries\*.xml.